Web Development

We build beautiful and effective Drupal websites for churches, ministries, and other nonprofits.
Here are a few of our most sought after features:

Streaming media

Easily upload audio or video and stream it to your audience wherever they are.

Mobile development

From a responsive website to mobile app, we ensure that your website looks great on any device.

User accounts

Create user accounts, assign roles, and let them safely work on their part of the website.

Multiple websites

Create multiple branded websites with unique content and one administrative interface.


Create your website in your native tongue and let volunteers translate it into other languages.

Search engine optimization

Your website should organically give you good search ranking - even in Maps!

Streaming media

Whether you're creating a weekly sermon series, or creating a video blog or podcast - we make it easy to publish your streaming media on your website and share it with your audience. Once the content is created, it can be automatically turned into a podcast. Live events can be streamed and commented on in real time. Media archives can be grouped by series, by speaker, topic or anything you want. 

  • Sermon media

User accounts

You shouldn't have to be solely responsible for all of the content on the website; delegate sections of the website to volunteers or staff (without worrying that they may take the entire website down). Use refined roles and permission schemes to ensure that users only have access to view, change or create what you want them to. This is most commonly used for allowing particular people to upload media or write blog posts, or creating member-only sections of the website.

  • Teamwork

Multiple websites

Whether you're a church that's growing beyond a single meeting location, or an organization made up of several groups - sometimes you'll want to set up multiple websites. We build your website in such a way that each team can manage their own content on their own domain while maintaining uniform branding, administrative oversight, and publishing from a central location.

  • Bible study

Ready to learn more?

If these features sound useful and beneficial for your organization, we'd love to work with you and show you we mean business. We promise to be a committed partner and deliver solutions you can trust.

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We found Enjoy Creativity to be extremely knowledgeable about Drupal and were able to teach the concepts with clarity. What really impressed us with Enjoy Creativity was their focus on using technology to grow the Kingdom of God. If you're looking for help or instruction with Drupal we highly recommend Enjoy Creativity.

- Dave Plemons, First Presbyterian Church of Champaign